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MA Critical Research Journal

Welcome To my MA Critical Research Journal

Hello and welcome to my CRJ

Over the next two years I will be studying at Falmouth university working towards my MA in photography. This blog will be where I share my research and development towards my end goal, and also will show my progression on my course.

There will be different topics see below the first one being Mirrors And Widow's.

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Hey there! 🌟

What an inviting start to your MA Critical Research Journal! I'm excited to dive into your academic journey with you and explore the intriguing topics you'll be delving into. Research can be such an enriching experience, and I'm looking forward to following along as you navigate through different theories and perspectives.

Oh, and by the way, love the addition of "real leather biker jacket womens"! It adds a touch of style to the conversation. 😊 Cheers to new discoveries and meaningful discussions ahead! 📚💡


Your creativity and problem-solving skills bring fresh perspectives. Your contributions are invaluable, I am a nursing student and want to do any part time nursing courses in London, if someone have any suggestion let me know.


Janice Bradford
Janice Bradford
Oct 04, 2022

I wish you every success, your photography never ceases to wow me.

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