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I found that if you have the background colour set to a shade other than the default, you may need to set it back to the default. That seemed to fix the issue for me. It's the end of a nearly four-year battle between Italy's culture minister, Sandro Bondi, and leading pro- and anti-censorship hackers. The battle, which has pitted the Berlusconi-era minister against a new, Internet-savvy coalition, is finally over. Italian law had required Bondi to notify the nation's telecommunications regulator of all websites being hosted on Italian soil. Bondi decided to sidestep the law, and instead handed over a list of 100-plus sites. These included a number of well-known porn sites, and it upset some Italians. (Yes, one of the parties involved actually blocked access to the porn sites. They did it voluntarily. It was just as much an Internet porn stunt as an Internet access stunt.) Since then, there have been a few things that have made this case unique: a major legal investigation into Bondi's misconduct, a court case that has pitted nation against nation, and even the kidnapping of the minister and her family. The German and Italian governments are watching the situation closely. Now, the prosecutor investigating Bondi's censorship has finally dropped the case. Bondi is off the hook. It's all over. We're in a new era, one in which artists are often forced to find ways to make a living without government support. And if artists are going to survive, they're going to have to learn how to put their art on the Internet in a way that helps them make a living, instead of making them obsolete. Take the snuff film artist Markus Schoepfer, who runs the safe haven of Anonymouse (formerly The Pirate Bay), and who was arrested by Swedish authorities in February. When Schoepfer and his crew started sharing the work of the snuff film artist Morgan Spurlock's The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, the state told him to take it down or face prison. But it's not like these kinds of sites are technically illegal, and they don't threaten people's health, so Schoepfer isn't going to shut down. He's now suing the prosecutor who tried to shut down Anonymouse, and he's asking for his freedom back. (No, the snuff film artist community didn't collectively decide to kill Schoepfer. It's just that the





1d Stock Cutter 2 95 Crack.epub

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