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Print this...Little changes when I configured TimeZone = GMT-4 (US Eastern Standard Time) and DST = FalseFirst edit:From what I can see, it is not just the time zone, but the year that changes when we set the DST = False.At midnight on Saturday (October 14, 2010), the clocks "inherit" the DST time zone and consequently change to AM / PM at 12:00:00 AM. But then, at 3:00 AM on Sunday (October 15, 2010), the clocks do not "inherit" any time zone.If the "inherit" of the time zone after midnight (from UTC to local time) applies to DST on Sunday then we would be expecting the clock to change to AM / PM at 3:00 AM GMT-4 (US Eastern Standard Time) but that does not happen.You would need to find another way to achieve this result (if it is possible).Thanks for getting back. It seems that it doesn't inherit the timezone.However, if I set the timezone first and then set DST = False, it does inherit the time zone. I want to verify if I can achieve the same results (with the same input): set timezone first, then set DST = false.The problem I am facing is that a local user can still override the UTC timezone with local timezone.Change the timezone and synchronize the time with the calendar.Check whether or not he has changed the timezone to his local time.If he has changed the timezone to his local time, show a warning and then correct the timezone.I am just looking for suggestions, other than telling me what I should do.Admittedly, for my average-Joe-citizen-developer, changing the timezone is a non-issue. But, for the experts (those with a deeper understanding of SQL) their modified-table-definition could be catastrophic.Even though I think that the default settings are sufficient (as configured for me), I just wanted to make sure that I had not overlooked a serious issue.Is it possible to save the timezone as a default setting even if no change is made to the the database?I have a workaround for this. You will have to edit the sql before loading the sql and then loading it. One 08929e5ed8

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