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An Insight To My Life And My Life For Photography

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

An Insight into my life

I have always been a lover of nature; growing up on the side of canal banks and riverbanks, fishing while sitting as quietly as I could waiting for the fish to bite, I would watch the nature around me, drawing pictures and documenting what I had seen. From kingfishers to tiny flies, I was hooked on nature and its beauty. For some reason, it was the only constant in my life and never failed to please me.

As a young child, I often found myself on a rainy day at my local library reading books and looking at all the pictures of different animals and insects that the world had to offer and what their meanings were in life.

Fig:1 The Diversity Of Life

By Edward Wilson (1992)

Also, looking into the wildlife Encyclopaedic that was always on hand at the library

It was only ten years ago that I got my first camera. This was only because I was suffering from bad anxiety and depression. My wife told me to go into nature and look at what I had missed. It was that day that I finally found myself again sitting by the side of a river taking pictures, this time instead of drawing pictures. To feel the freedom of the wild rabbits and hair running around in the morning dew was simply the best feeling ever.

One of my all-time loves is Sir David Attenborough. Not only for his video work and explanations in detail but also for the way he constantly thinks about how the world is changing around us. And from day one of watching him, he has never changed. He also mentions in his work how without the help of his filming crew, the research of his work would not be the same.

fig: 2 from the times

Fig:3 sir David fact file

Fig: 4

I am so grateful to Sir David for producing his work that has helped me sculpt my photography today.

Fig: 5 “The Wise Old Owl”

Picture by Lee Hall

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Hey there, LeeHall77! 📷 Just finished reading your heartfelt post about your life's journey and your passion for photography, and I've gotta say, it really struck a chord with me. Your words are so raw and authentic, and it's clear that photography isn't just a hobby for you – it's a way of life, a means of expression, and a source of joy.

I love how you've shared your personal experiences and how photography has been a constant companion through the ups and downs of life. Your determination to capture the beauty in everyday moments is truly inspiring. It's amazing how a single snapshot can hold so much meaning and evoke such powerful emotions. Thanks for opening up and sharing…


I first came upon your work on Instagram and love your photographic perspective. Your photographs have touched my heart in so many ways - and I particularly admire your being open about mental health. I have been challenged by mental health issues (bipolar II) since I was around 11 years old (I am 68 now). Over the years it is my affinity with photography that has kept me grounded and gave me reasons to feel joy.


Your creativity and problem-solving skills bring fresh perspectives. Your contributions are invaluable, I am a student and finding affordable assistance who do my homework for me, to complete my university homework


Indeed, nature possesses healing qualities, providing solace, I found this article on crafting personal statement examples nursing school really helpful. The examples provided offer great insights and inspiration


Nov 16, 2022

Nature is a true healer. The Japanese have come up with the phrase Forest Bathing. Doctors have been known to prescribe walks in nature instead of medication. All the best Lee. So honest of you to share your mental health journey.

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